Time after time I found myself full of hope for a potential solution, only to have it taken away as a result of factors out of my control or the massive expense. I knew there had to be a better way to stop my hair being something that dictated what I could do with my life.

Even simple things like answering my door used to be a cause for dysphoria and stress.

Having to constantly think about what was on my head was a pain and it drained a lot of the fun and spontaneity out of my life.

I always found myself thinking about the logistics of having to deal with covering my head, the difficulties in going to places that I love....rollercoasters stopped being an option, anything involving water was out and most active pursuits came with a level of self imposed difficulty.

Not to mention being able to go on fairground rides or snowboarding; knowing that I could just take my helmet off and my biggest concern would be the mess it had made of my hair!

Wigs are uncomfortable, a pain to maintain, difficult to feel confident wearing and unfit for a lot of activities that people with natural hair take for granted.

Surgery is expensive and not an option for many people with advanced hair loss.

After many attempts at finding a solution that was attainable regardless of the level of hair loss we developed the Flow Hair System, a way of replacing lost hair that works for anyone, is non-surgical and will let you get on with your life, confident in your appearance.

From The Loft Salon in Nottingham, we specialise in helping people like you with the very real problems that come from having to deal with hair loss.